MinnyIce is re-launching and is hiring for… EVERYTHING!

Do you love hockey? Do you love Minnesota hockey culture? The Minnesota Wild? The NHL more widely? The Minnesota White Caps? College hockey? etc

MinnyIce.com is the first non-football related site in the UFFda! Sports network, which includes the largest single sport news websites in the WORLD with VikingsTerritory.com and purplePTSD.com combining to be a top 15 site globally per FeedSpot.com’s 2021 ratings:


We are currently looking for a myriad of content creators and producers of digital content from written articles, podcasts and video shows.

We’re looking to relaunch MinnyIce.com as the playoffs start and are looking for people who want a legitimate career in the sports journalism industry. We offer best in industry revenue shares on all of your work, real ownership of your content, a ton of opportunity and the ability to get in on the ground floor of the fastest growing sports media company in North America!

We plan on launching a general NHL site sometime in 2021 (BladesoSteel.com) and will be promoting from within for that job. Every one of our non-Vikings sites were built for our internal team members who pitched our owner Joe Johnson on an idea. That’s where FranchiseTagged.com, TheDraftTeam.com, and even MinnyIce.com stemmed from! So, we’re the type of company that rewards the hardwork and talent of our team and we’re very excited to delve into covering the State of Hockey and beyond!

Email mike@purplePTSD.com with questions, a writing sample, or your resume!

Let’s Play Hockey!