Seth’s 3 Iowa Stars (2/20/21 vs. Wolves)

By Seth Toupal
Photo: Chicago Wolves

1.) Morgan Geekie, CHI

Geekie was a problem for Iowa all game long. He started the scoring in the first, and added another goal in the second to make it 6-0. Chicago is a very talented team, and Geekie as a newcomer fit right in.

2.) Seth Jarvis, CHI

Jarvis had a couple of goals as well for the Wolves. His first came in the 2nd period to make it 5-0. He then added this nifty breakaway to make it 9-0. In a game with plenty of goals, Jarvis certainly had a couple of pretty ones for Chicago.

3.) Jeremy Helvig, CHI

Really any number of goals would have been enough for Helvig to win against Iowa. He did his part however with several great saves. He robbed Adam Beckman on a couple of good chances, and never looked rattled at any point during the game. He was cruising for a shutout, but Iowa beat him a couple of times in the third.